Social Media doesn't
have to be scary!

my clients call me the social media queeeen

I like to think of myself as a professional problem-solving, brand-building creative who is passionate about my business AND YOURS!

are you having a hard time posting to your socials?

You're not sure WHAT to post?

Or perhaps you don't have TIME to sit down and prepare posts?

It might be time to reassess your online presence and benefit from my expertise.

Many business owners post on social media sporadically, without a clear plan of what they’d like to accomplish.


Because it feels like a chore.

Because they feel deflated and listless and uninspired when logging on to social media.

As a business owner, you always seem to have a lot on your plate.

And social media marketing often becomes the first task to get bumped down your to-do list.

Unless you consult a professional.

Let me be the Social Media Marketing expert you need to transform your social channels and start posting quality, engaging content CONSISTENTLY!


Tap into a combination of proven and effective strategies, customised visuals and years of experience.

Because that is what's going to get you those excellent results you're looking for.

Together we'll do everything we can to make your social media strategy a success.

Not once, not twice... but every single time.

Hi, I'm Shannon

When it comes to social media… I love it, I relish it and I’m pretty darn good at it!

Before social media, I worked in mining and construction projects for more than 15 years. I was the Administration Manager for a $3bil project in Nhulunbuy, remote Northern Territory, which was the largest project in Australia at the time! And I loved it!

But as my family plans came to fruition, I left my construction career behind and create a life here in Rockhampton where I grew up.

I threw myself into learning social media from some of the industry’s best so I could work-from-home and have the flexibility to be present for school holidays and sports and quality time with my daughters.

I realised many businesses are missing out on the benefits of having a social media manager when they cannot afford to pay the rates a large Digital Marketing Agency charges.

And I knew that as a freelancer working from home, I could make sure that local businesses, small businesses, sole traders, solopreneurs and start ups got the social media support they needed to get their business online and noticed.

I’m proud to have been able to help so many business owners grasp the importance and value of their social media presence and how it can directly benefit their businesses.

I created two little people and I am their leader

Proud solo parent here! We are a family of three and when I'm not working, we visit playgrounds and beaches and family.

My dogs are super happy I work from home

We have two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. Fonzie snores like a freight train and Lulu likes to collect rocks.

I have travelled all around the world

I travelled solo to incredible places in Egypt, India, Europe and the UK. A few trips to Bali and Thailand with friends thrown in as well.

I worked on some of the biggest projects Down Under

Before I had kids, I was a fly-in/fly-out worker on billion-dollar mining and construction projects in NT, WA and Queensland.

I have clients across Australia and the USA

I set out to serve local businesses in Central Queensland, but I have clients in NSW and South Australia as well as Indiana, Texas and Pennsylvannia!

In my free time (ha ha, free time?)

I enjoy crime documentaries, drinking wine, eating cheese and taking naps.


Whether you hire me to run your Instagram or LinkedIn accounts, or invest in a kick-starter solution, you can expect the same thoughtful and thorough service

Customised for YOUR business

I believe that a personal approach is essential to social media success. That’s why I create a custom strategy specifically for you, your business and your audience.

Not only that, I guarantee that you won’t see any mass-produced content in my feed.

Proven methods over fleeting trends

New trends emerge every single day. Resist the urge to jump on the bandwagon immediately. Instead, I learn and monitor new trends first so that I can determine their suitability to your accounts before incorporating them into the overall strategy for creating a successful brand.

Knowledge over wishful thinking

I’ll walk in your customer’s shoes and try to see the world as they do so I can find the best ways to communicate with them. I want to understand what interests them, what frustrates them and what would encourage them to take action. Let’s get to know then before developing your social media strategy.

I freely share my expertise with you

I have a whole bag of tricks full of strategies to grow your audience, boost engagement and kick-start results. And I’m going to share each one with you.

Why? I want you to learn how I built a successful online career and how you can use my experiences to kick-start your business socials too!

Ready to step up your social media game?

Let me help you by:

managing your social media

If you want to reach your audience through social media, you need a consistent presence and inspiring content. 

Don’t have the time, energy or expertise to keep up? I got you covered! Let me take over so you can sit back and focus on other important aspects of your business. 

I’ll help you reach and attract your ideal audience on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google My Business!

facebook + google ads

One of the quickest way to reach new people on Facebook and Instagram is by using Facebook Ads. Or perhaps Google Ads are a better fit for your business!

I’ll set you up with ad sets that get you in front of the right audience – your current and potential customers – and ensure amazing growth! 

And if you’d like to learn how to manage your Facebook Ads yourself so that you can divert more $$$ to your ad spend, I can help you with that too!

vip days

Not ready for a monthly social media package yet… but need help writing captions, creating graphics, setting up accounts or loading your Facebook Ads?

Would you like to help you with training, strategy, and guidance? Or would you just like to hire me for the day to create as much content for you as I can?

With A Social Media VIP Day, I help you get those social media jobs off your to-do list quickly! I’ll create and repurpose content, optimise your profiles, set up highlights and so much more. Just ask!

are you ready?

let's look at my pricing and packages