Content Excavation Service


Get ready to strike social media gold and unearth the hidden potential of your content with my innovative Content Excavation service! Let me dig deep into your existing blogs, podcasts, webinars, and articles and turn them into a library of ready-to-post social media captions. This retainer service delivers 25 captions each month, giving you more time to focus on running your business. Discover the treasure trove of social media posts buried within your content today!


Get ready to strike social media gold with my done-for-you Social Media Content Excavation service!

I’ll take your existing blogs, articles, podcasts, newsletters and webinars, and turn them into a treasure trove of social media posts. I dig through your content to uncover the gems that will make your social media channels sparkle! With my pickaxe in hand, I’ll extract the best pieces of advice and information and turn them into posts that are ready to be shared on Facebook and Instagram.

Watch as your content library grows each month and enjoy the ease of having a steady stream of fresh content at your fingertips! Don’t waste any more time searching for the perfect social media content… let me do the heavy lifting for you.

This is a monthly service, and each month you’ll receive 25 social media captions based on content you’ve already created. This package does not include the creation of graphics or videos to accompany the posts, just the captions themselves which will be added to an ever-growing database!

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