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Here's your freebie!

With this special set of 25 Free Caption Templates, all you need to do is make a few edits so they suit your brand voice, business, products or services and then they are ready for you to use on your Facebook and Instagram accounts!

This set has been written with November and December in mind to help you get your content under control during the festive season!

I’ve included posts for:
✅ Black Friday Sales
✅ Christmas and New Year
✅ And general posts to help to connect with your followers

Here’s my tips for using these caption templates


  • Download the document to your pc or save it to your Google Drive.
  • Edit the captions so that it sounds like you. Replace any words that you wouldn’t normally use.
  • Skip any of the captions that you don’t like. You don’t have to use them all (or any, in fact!), and you definitely don’t have to post every day. Just pick out the ones that you like.
  • Add in an extra paragraph about yourself, your business, product or service.
  • Pop a call-to-action at the end, and add in some hashtags for Instagram.
  • Find an image or video to go with the caption. This could be a photo in your camera roll, a stock photo, an image you created in Canva, or even a video or reel you’ve made.
  • Once you have your caption and the image/video to go with is, it’s time to post!
  • You can even schedule these in advance using the Meta Business Suite scheduling tool which is free. This allows you to post to both Facebook and Instagram at the same time, and it’s the tool I use to schedule content for all of my monthly clients (except for reels).


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That’s right… you can get a whole YEAR of caption templates for just $99 AUD. Never run out of post ideas or get that pesky “writer’s block” ever again!

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