Hashtag tips for local businesses

Hashtags are a quick and easy way to get noticed by potential customers on Instagram. They are a perfect way to get your message across social media platforms, kind of like a secret code that lets people know who you are, what you do, where you are and what you’re talking about.

Here are some quick tips for business owners managing their socials by themselves:

👉 Location hashtags are the perfect way to enhance your local presence and attract more nearby customers to your town, suburb, street by using hashtags that relate to your physical location. For example, I’m located in Rockhampton and work with a lot of businesses located in Queensland, so I often use #RockhamptonBusiness in my hashtags on Instagram. And you can be more specific by including your area or suburb. For example, if you were located on the Sunshine Coast, you could use #NoosaBusiness, #BuderimBusiness, #CaloundraBusiness and others.

👉 Industry hashtags are the new way to stay connected with your local community. They allow you to engage in conversations, share information, and promote events locally. Boost your credibility and expertise by combining your Location Hashtags with your Industry Hashtags such as #RockhamptonHairdresser, #MackayDentist, #GladstoneCafe, #EmeraldAccountants, etc.

👉 Custom business hashtags are perfect for any business looking to increase brand loyalty. Ask your followers and customers to use your custom hashtag whenever they post about your business. This is a fantastic tip for all types of businesses, from restaurants and bars to clothing stores, beauty salons, etc. Mine is #ShannonsSocialMedia, and I ensure all my clients have a custom business hashtag to use and promote on their accounts!

If managing your business social media accounts is becoming a drain, or perhaps you aren’t seeing the results, growth and sales that you’d like to, send me a message!

I work with businesses like yours to attract and retain new and existing customers and clients with social media. And I’d love to help you too! All you need to do is send a message or book your free 20-minute discovery call, and I will be in touch!

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