Guess who finally finished her website!

Can I get a Woop Woop!

So, not gonna lie, I put “Create Website” at the top of my list back when I first decided to make Social Media my new full-time job. And that was at the start of 2021, after I had been made redundant from my “day job” where I spent 6 mostly uninspiring years. But, as a solo parent with two little kids, I appreciated the part-time hours and job security (until it wasn’t quite so secure and ended). And I did have some nice co-workers to subject to my stories, opinions, Netflix reviews and jokes (I am *hilarious* in person, btw).

My redundancy allowed me to give Social Media my full-time attention. I was going to be able to work full-time hours for the first time since becoming a mother without (a) worrying about not being around for the kids, and (b) paying a frigging fortune in daycare and childcare costs!

I settled into a nice routine of dropping the kids off at school, coming home to work, picking them up, and working more hours that afternoon or evening as required.

I saved a lot of money on make-up working from home. I didn’t have to worry about what to wear. I didn’t have to pack my lunch in the mornings and shuffle us all out the door screaming “C’monnnn…. we’re gonna be late again!”.

And I liked it. I didn’t have to worry about our new puppy sh*tting all over the house while she was home alone. I could bring my 8yo dog into the air-con with me so he didn’t keel over from heat-stroke outside in the summer sun.

I went to the kids’ sports days and assemblies and excursions without having to ask anyone for time off work.

I can put a load of washing on in the middle of the day, and go grab some groceries without the kids in tow. AND… I can sit, alone, in my quiet house for a few hours for *like* the first time in forever.

And that’s when I knew I could make this work! Because I loved the flexibility!

I found most of my initial clients from posting on Instagram and Facebook, and I became fully booked up very quickly… and it’s been that way for the last year! I started posting to LinkedIn as well and found even more new clients there.

So, I have done perfectly well all this time with NO WEBSITE… but now that it’s finally done, let me know what you think!

And if you haven’t finished your website yet… don’t stress. I am proof that you can run a perfectly profitable booked-out business without even having one!


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