Instagram Reels finally land on Facebook in Australia

Ok, so it’s been a few weeks since Aussies got to catch up to the rest of the world with this.

Instagram Reels have been available on Facebook overseas for like *ever*… but they only arrived on Facebook down under a few weeks ago in February 2022 (along with 150 other lucky countries).

And we all know this is Facebook trying to compete with TikTok, but I kinda wish they’d stop. TikTok is its own separate platform with its own features and demographics.

I like Facebook, and I like Facebook for BUSINESS because it allows conversations and connection in the comments that isn’t quite replicated on other platforms, in my opinion.

I don’t go out of my way to go and watch TikToks, unless a friend messages me the link to a funny one. The same way that I don’t sit down and go “I’m going to watch some Instagram Reels for 20 minutes”. They aren’t my preferred platform when I want to be entertained or educated.

And there are PLENTY of people like me out there. Despite the fact that I’m a full-time Social Media Manager, I rely on Facebook to give me my entertainment, news, information as well as updates on my family and friends. I post regularly about my kids and I enjoy seeing and reading what my mates are up to.

I only turn to Instagram for work purposes. To see what is trending over there. To get the latest info, updates, algorithm changes, hashtag news, hacks etc. This is where I do my WORK and my industry research… it’s not the place where I actively search out things that interest me (like wine, cheese and crime docos).

The managing director for Meta in AU and NZ, said: “We know that video is key to engaging audiences, and short-form video, in particular, is growing quickly in popularity.” And this is true. But Reels and TikToks are not appropriate for EVERY business.

I mean, would you hire a Divorce Lawyer who was busy jumping around pointing and dancing? I wouldn’t. When I hired one, I wanted the meanest bad-ass around haha. Not the one with the best lip-syncing and dance moves.

I will say this though… these pesky Facebook Reels have been sliding onto my feed these last few weeks. And some of them have suckered me in to keep scrolling for longer than I normally would have! But then again… that IS the whole point of them, right?


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