Have you updated your Instagram Highlights lately?

There are so many ways you can make your Instagram Highlights work for you!

👉 But first, for the newbies and the business owners who aren’t quite up to speed with the social media lingo yet, your Highlights are the little circles shown below your bio and above your feed. Here you can see I have Hire Me, Client Work and Results in this screenshot:


I don’t recommend having too many highlights. Still, many businesses can benefit by having a few that describe your business, products, services, pricing and other information that potential clients might like to know.

For example, a Social Media Manager like me might have Highlights set out for
🟣 About Me / How to work with me
🔵 Pricing and packages
🟢 Products for sale
🟡 Samples of client work
🟠 Testimonials / Examples of results achieved

And then, within each highlight, you can upload photos and videos providing the information for each section.

I recommend introducing yourself through an About Me section with a few short videos. And yes, I realise I haven’t done this myself lol (it’s on my list!). You need to let your potential clients know exactly what services you provide, why they should hire you (how you will solve their problems and make their life easier), HOW they can hire you, and how they can contact you with any questions.

A simple “DM Me with questions!” or “Head to my website to select your plan” usually does the trick.

You can put your pricing details under a “Packages and Plans” Highlight, with a Link Sticker that sends them to your website for more detailed information. And I think this is a great idea, as potential clients will know how much your packages cost before contacting you, which reduces enquiries from leads who can’t afford your services.

It’s also good to include samples of Client Work, Results and Testimonials as proof and “social proof” of your talents and abilities.

I have so much more info to share on Highlights, so keep an eye out for a future post.

And in the meantime, if you’d like my help setting up your Highlights or brainstorming the best info to include in them, get in touch! We can schedule a 1:1 session to nut this all out and get them up for you.

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